Top quality build for great taste up to the last hit

Misty Mountain has entered California with the goal of creating the best full gram cartridge on the market. We hand picked everything from the hash rosin extraction to the cured rosewood tip to deliver the best quality cartridge around.


Clean ingredients. By combining our delicious solventless ice hash rosin, with the purest distilled cannabis on the market, we can create a cartridge that is 100% cannabis derived, with a full spectrum effect, to provide the ultimate blend of taste and experience


Quality of the flavor. By using Ice Hash Rosin, with no added terpenes or flavoring, we can create a product that tastes as close as possible to the plant that we know and love. This also means that you will not get the same nose tingle that cartridge users are familiar with. This cartridge is meant to go down smooth, and feel good through the entire experience


Trust that the cartridge will last. By using ice hash rosin, and distilled cannabis, we have created a new version of hash rosin cartridges that is more stable than the other options on the market, while lasting significantly longer due to the high potency, and entourage effect of the full spectrum cannabinoids

The best of the best

Full Gram Cartridge

100% Cannabis Derived

Hash Rosin Infusions

Cured Rosewood Tip

Ceramic Coil

510 Threaded Cartridge

304 Stainless Steel