Misty Mountain Breaks Out of the DMV and Expands to California

June 14, 2021

Born out a love for the legendary Colorado slopes, Misty Mountain Carts are for the free spirit equally at home on a chairlift rising above the tree line or hanging out on a Central Park bench between meetings.  Misty Mountain Carts were developed to keep up with your unique adventure.  Whether you’re skiing, hiking, climbing, or just gazing out your window, Misty Mountain is there for you.

Misty Mountain Carts feature artisan-curated resin and rosin infusions for exceptional flavor, inside of elite-quality glass cartridges crowned with cured wooden tips. Our commitment to nature extends beyond simple admiration as a portion of all Misty Mountain Cartridge revenue is donated to forest preservation efforts, so you can enjoy the outdoors your way and feel amazing about it, too.

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About Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain is centered around quality, character, and connection to nature. Our goal is to provide our consumers with the best full gram cartridge in California, by combining innovative production methods and uncompromising quality standards, while maintaining our connection to nature and cannabis.

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